Vayak staffcare Employee Monitoring Software for India

Now Keep an Eye on Your Workforce Using Employee Monitoring Software

Being the staff in-charge, you always have to mark note of what the employees are doing or if they are doing it right in time. They are working in field for full time or wasting time in other activity. Are they using office equipment for their personal use? Many such questions you might keep prompting yourself at times. Instead of thinking too much on these questions, here you have the answer for these. Now you can keep an eye on your field staff using the employee monitoring software or android mobile app staffcare.

Cut off all the paper work keeping records of the employees in different heaps of files for every working individual in the firm. I can imagine a whole bunch of papers everywhere when it comes to handling a number of employees. Rather, have a mobile application for employment, it would be more fitting to the employees reporting, than the manual work.

Expense Entry

1. Employee Monitoring Software -

Observe the actions of the employee using mobile device. You can now watch the actions of what the employee is doing in the whole of his/her work time or if he/she is using the company’s belongings for some other purpose out of company’s litigations. Using the work tracking software or app, owner can know about what the employee does on its allotted site etc.

2. Employee Scheduling Software -

There are days when the work load remains high. It becomes confusing to choose between which tasks to be completed first. Nevertheless, there is no choice for the employee but to achieve the day target. Thus, herein, with the Employee Scheduling Software, you can prioritise your work and schedule it according with the help of other features like employee time sheet.

Expense Entry
Expense Entry

3. Employee time tracking

Field staff attendance is a big problem for every small and big business house. So mobile base time tracking attendance system is required for field staff to find his location and daily work done by him. This will keep you updated with the timely work status of the employee. The employee shall have to send the photo of the work at fix interval. You can even track Expense of field employees in mobile app.


Reading the above, you’ll surely agree – Yes, these features makes it really very easy for the manager to handle and analyse the work of a more than a hundred staff members. Shifting from the manual paper work to employee monitoring software but which software gives all the feature at one place.

Vayak staff care mobile and web base employee monitoring software is the single solution for all your field staff monitoring and reporting at one place.

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