Staff Management Mobile Application Of India - Vayak StaFF Care For Employees

No Big Investment, Pay Rent & Enjoy

For using mobile and internet, What U do?

We never buy a Mobile Company or internet tower or hardware and software and staff. We never wise to take all this responsibilities and risk, And it is not at all advisable to do so. We just buy a SIM Card, activate it and use it in our mobile. And enjoy all benefit of phone and net. Like this, when you want all your staff Management on-line and in mobile, just do the same. Register your firm with nominal fees, activate / add / deactivate your staff as and when require. by paying just number of staff base rent. and that is also less than your Mobile and internet bill.


Generally for getting your business on-line you have to invest a lot in

Computer Hardware - Servers, Phone Lease line for internet, LAN, Routers and many more
Computer Software - Mobile applications, Admin Website, Database Management, web Services
Computer Staff - Different 7 types of Specialist Programmers Required with heavy salary


But don't worry every thing has been done by Vayak for you

Monthly rental - Just pay a nominal monthly rental per mobile and all your staff and managers will be on-line.
Invest Little - Invest 1% and get 20% increase in Staff Performance and your saving.
Be on-line - Your staff will be on line, on time and at decided place. No need of reporting, No need of phone calls, No need of data entry
Get 100% peace of mind - by Vayak Staff care mobile base solution.


First time Registration charges

Rs.1500/- per person

( Then Monthly Rent, Per Mobile App, Min 10 Mobiles )